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Cruiser Weights


On behalf of the NPABO (NATIONAL PRO-AM BOXING ORGANIZATION) I thank you for visiting our website for information on our fighters. Mike Franks in an exciting 6 round fight against Tom Macnamar (last years champ) wins by TKO with a right hook. It was one of the best and evenly matched fights I have seen. Tom Macnamara our last years champion won in th 3rd by KO against up-and-commer Joshua Nikko Jr.. James White. This south paw from Seattle Metro Gold Glove boxing organization is currently the only person to hold the National Cruiserwight Pro-Am title 4 times he started at Cascade High School in 11th grade, but since his 7th grade year he hasnt lost a fight. After 2002 he missed two years because he went to his fathers in Montrose Pennsylvania. Upon return to Seattle he picked up were he left off. He has currently recorded 99 straight wins through the NPABO currently the longest winning streak in boxing history. After suffering a detatched retina in 2005 we havent seen anything from him. He has talked about the Army World Class Athlete Program when his eye heals properly. Sam Curtin won in '99 by knock out. During his time in high school recorded more knock outs than any cruiser weight boxer (52) also went to the Olympics in 2004 and on track to go in 2008. He won 26 fights and lost only one this was a mile stone for people to follow. He was a great champion and could've maybe won anther one. Nick Thompson died Dec. 16 1998 in a motorcycle accident after a party in North Chicago. Jose Gonzalez, It is no secret how great latino Fighters are with there fist speed this guy once landed 631 punches in 3 rounds!! Mick Jorge Jr, his dad was an all-philly fighter in 1972 they called him the Ghost for his elusiveness this kid exemplifies the nickname given to his father thus we nicknamed him Ghost Jr. he was a great fighter and is now fighting in Las Vegas. A.C. Redding won the All-Philly CruiserWeight title in 43 seconds in 3 hits this guys tremendous power earned him the name A.C./D.C. PICTURES PAGE IS UNDER CONSTRUCTION!!